7th Jun, 2007

Free Bonnaroo Info via Mobile Text Messaging (SMS)

FROM NOEL AT MOSIO:   The Mosio Project is giving free live info to Bonnaroo Attendees this year via mobile phones. Basically they can text ANYTHING from their phones on the way to the festival, during or in getting home and real people will answer their questions via text.

Here’s the link that explains it:

Have a great day!

Thanks for the tip Noel & best of luck with the MOSIO project!


Hi Jerry,

What a great service. Being a 2 time veteran of Bonnaroo, I definitely could have used that service last year and in ’03 when I went. Thanks!

Check out the email:

Hello Bonnaroo Fans!

Thanks so much for helping to participate in The Mosio Project’s mobile
Q&A for Bonnaroo 2007. We appreciate your helping to make it a huge
success by asking great questions.

The Mosio Project is a mobile community of people asking and answering
mobile questions. Simply stated, it’s like Yahoo! Answers for your phone.
Every question you asked was answered by other Mosio members who
volunteered to be of service while they happened to be sitting at their

We have 2 announcements:
1) The Mosio Project is being offered for free to Bonnaroo Fans and their
friends. All you have to do is register using the code below and you’ll be
able to sign up and begin using the service for free, no strings attached,
we just want you using it!

(tough to remember, huh?)

Simply go to http://www.mosio.com/subscribe to register and begin using
the service immediately. The code above will allow you to use the service
indefinitely. Please feel free to forward this email on to friends, but
note that the code expires July 9th, 2007, so register now.

Need information? Need to settle a bet? Mosio lets you ask literally any
question from your mobile phone and have it answered by real people. When
you sign up you can ask questions, answer or both, it’s completely up to

2) Bonnaroo Questions & Answers
Please visit the link below for a sample of some of the best questions and
answers asked during the Bonnaroo Festival this year.

Thanks again for using The Mosio Project. We hope to see you very soon!


The Mosio Project
Mobile questions. answers. people.

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