11th Jul, 2007

Move over Bono, David Gans next guest editor of Vanity Fair…

I agree with David Gans, the musician & Grateful Dead Hour Master of Ceremonies, that Vanity Fair Magazine is the best way to deal with the monotony of transcontinental airplane travel.   Although, 10 mg. of Ambien works pretty well too, I read this magazine from cover to cover each month & like Mr. Gans, I am sure that the advertisers don’t have the deadhead demographic in mind when they commit to spending big bucks to put an ad in this slick magazine.  However,  those awesome pics of Kate Moss pitching David Yurman jewels are worth the cover price, even without all the great writing.
I agree whole-heartedly with Mr. Gans’ assessment of the articles in the August 2007 issue of VF.  I too especially liked reading Dominick Dunne’s captivating coverage of the murder trial of the creator of the other “Wall Of Sound” & always hair style conscious , Phil Spector.   Like Liz Smith in her column yesterday’s Page 6 in the New York Post, I also found the cover story about Shia LeBeouf quite a interesting read as well.


Guest editor – now that would be a fun project!

Imagine the possibilities if Graydon Carter gave YOU the ability to create 20 different covers for the magazine like Bono was able to do in the July issue. Not that I wasn’t happy with the George Clooney cover that I received in the mail, but I think I would have gotten quite a giggle if I opened up my mailbox & saw Wavy Gravy or some other hippie icon smiling at me from a slick Annie Leibovitz photo. Hey you never know, who would of ever thought that there would be a “Summer of Love” installation at The Whitney.

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