17th Jul, 2007


01.jpgWOW! I really love THE HEAVY PETS straight from the sunny south Florida jam band scene. THE HEAVY PETS are certainly for real, believe the hype & get on the bus now. Go see some great live music this summer and catch “The Pets” on tour now. Be sure to check with the venues for times & ticket info, but go see this band in these small, intimate venues while you still can. It wont be long till they are playing to much larger crowds. Also, be sure to check out the debut release WHALE. This awesome double CD is sure to be collectible & is well worth the listen. Sometimes they sound like Phish, They can be as funky as G Love & Special Sauce, but all with a style and charisma that sets this terrificly fun band apart from the rest and truly gives them a unique and exhilarating sound.

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CATCH THE HEAVY PETS SUMMER TOUR 2007 (Dates taken from card I got at the show at Lake Worth, Florida’s wonderful BAMBOO ROOM)

The Basement Nashville, Tennessee
Jul 17 2007

The Tonic Room Chicago, Illinois
Jul 18 2007

10,000 Lakes Festival Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
Jul 18-21 2007
The Elbow Room Ypsilanti, Michigan
Jul 24 2007

The Agora Ballroom Cleveland, Ohio
Jul 25 2007

The Khyber Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jul 26 2007

Knitting Factory New York, New York
Jul 27 2007

Mexicali Blues Teaneck, New Jersey
Jul 28 2007

Bodles Opera House Chester, New York
Jul 29 2007

Hair of the Dog Middletown, Connecticut
Jul 31 2007

Harpers Ferry Allston, Massachusetts
Aug 1 2007

Red Square Albany, New York
Aug 2 2007

Lark Tavern Albany, New York
Aug 3 2007

Nectar’s Burlington, Vermont
Aug 7 2007

Awful Al’s Syracuse, New York
Aug 8 2007

Hops In The Street Syracuse, New York
Aug 9 2007

The East End Newark, Delaware
Aug 12 2007

Ashefest Deerfields, North Carolina
Aug 25 2007

The Pour House Charleston, South Carolina
Aug 26 2007

Also, for those old school NYC Jam Band Freaks, can anyone tell me the connection between “The Heavy Pets” and The seminal NYC Jamband “Xanax 25”? Okay, so maybe I am phishing for comments, but a little feedback would be nice & even in Jamband land, the 6 degrees of separation works.


Hey, I can’t really tell you what that connection is, but I can tell you the Heavy Pets are great. Also, I’ve been getting really into Marco Benevento, from Benevento/Russo duo. I just thought I’d tell you so maybe you could check him out. He’s got a new album coming out, not sure when its coming out cause I preordered, but you should check it out. Keep that Heavy Pets info coming cause they are awesome. Honestlly, I think I like them more than G. Love, but thats just me.

Thanks for the comments Aly. I have seen the Duo a few times & always had a blast. Maybe I need to finally put some more of Marco’s music on my iPOD. Will definitely check out the new CD….any idea when it gets released?

I remember Xanax 25! I saw them open for Blues Traveler and Warren Haynes at the Roseland for a New Years Eve concert about 12 years ago. I still have the shirt. I’ve also seen the Heavy Pets and yes, they are the real thing. What a talented, fun band! I saw them on tour last year, then made a point of it to catch them while I was on vacation in Florida and just last week caught them again in Teaneck, NJ. I hope to catch them again before they go back to Florida because, like you say, soon they’ll be playing to much larger crowds. Imagine having been able to see one of your favorite bands at a smaller show before they became huge. You have a chance to do that with The Heavy Pets. I think the connection between the bands is relative. Larry Neuburger played drums with Xanax 25 (whatever happened to them?) and brother (I believe) Ryan Neuburger plays drums with The Heavy Pets. Jeff Lloyd, the lead guitar/singer is (I believe) a cousin to both. Ryan’s a riot commenting between sets and everyone in the band is so freakin talented that you’ve got to see this group for yourself. Can’t wait to get Whale. I’m sure it’s a great way to at least hear these guys if you can’t get to one of their shows. Well gotta go find some live music. Peace.

Thanks for the comment Booker 😉 I bet we have crossed paths back in the day. Blues Traveler are my boys! But my Xanax25 memories are mostly from Nightingales.

yes! i was waiting for someone to bring that up. all of what booker has said is true. x25 were a huge influence on me when i was growing up. the soulful tear stained music of jaik miller is not something that can not be described without witnessing it. a very solid unique band to say the least. jaiks new thing is the jaik miller band mixing old faves with new material. if you have a chance go see them you will not be dissapointed. lates,ryan


If anyone would like some live heavy pets music send and email to positioneliminated@gmail.com

he will hook you up

Go see The Jaik Miller Band!
Tuesdays Nights at LUV 24•7
247 Eldridge Street (between Houston & Stanton) NYC
Doors at 8:00
Showtime at 9:00
$7.00 Well Drinks & 420 IPA till pretty late….
Go See Jaik Miller Band, Tuesdays in NYC


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