31st Jul, 2007

Jerry Garcia Personal Items Auctioned on EBay!

jerry-2.jpgJerry Garcia would have turned 65 tomorrow. Jerry Garcia was born August 1, 1942 and died along with a slice of my youth almost 12 years ago on August 9, 1995. I STILL MISS JERRY!

…And now for something completely different… From The Post Chronicle (Not that I have ever heard of it!) So I guess it has all come down to this. You can buy the bidet that was in Jerry Garcia’s home. The guy who bought the contents of Jerry’s home about 10 years ago, is from Marin County, California & expects to make around $75,000.00, when the items hit Ebay on or around August 12th. Seems like a fairly professional job to me, given the advance PR.  What a nice way to commemorate Jerry G!

Will you bid on a bidet? The thought of it is really kind of gross.

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Actually, all of the proceeds are going to a charity that helps children adn families dealing with divorce. The guy wanted to clean out the property and could have sold stuff through classifies or thrown it all out. I guess he figured this was a way to raise some dough for a charity he supports. Considered that way, not all that bad, then.

Not at all bad! Being a divorced dad myself, I know how financially trying divorce can be for families. The charity is called the Sophia Foundation http://www.sophia-foundation.org, and I think that it is great that the profits will go to such a great cause.

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