3rd Aug, 2007

Widespread Panic – Radio City Music Hall, NY, NY – 2007 07 20

pic-0067.jpgJust a few random thoughts about my recent JamBand excursion, going home for a few days to catch 3 WSP shows. I was lucky enough to see the 2 weekend nights at Radio City & then again at the awesome Bethel Woods Amphitheater on Sunday night:

Why doesn’t Widespread Panic sell more tickets in NYC? Seems like 3 years in a row that multiple night Radio City shows are never sold out. Tickets are available readily outside the door from people happy to get $20.00 back for the $60.00 ticket they snapped up on Ticketmaster. I bet it may be Back to The Beacon, next time around, which is really not such a bad thought. I wish they played their summer shows in NYC at Central Park Summerstage. With that being said, I still like going to shows at RCMH. It is a beautiful room, and IMO it sounds really great in there. Download awesome FLAC files of this show now at The Traders Den.


The reason it doesn’t sell-out may be that it is a stretch calling them a true Jam Band (IMO). They are something more in the genre of the Black Crows, psychedelic pop maybe… Certainly not in the same league as SCI or moe or the mule or !Phish!

Just my opinion… long live Sirius Channel 32.


To say that the reason that Widespread Panic doesn’t sell out Radio City is because they are not a jam band is pretty silly don’t you think? There are plenty of non-JamBands that sell out that venue with no problem! Hell I had a harder time getting tickets to Blues Clues than the 2 WSP shows at RCMH this summer.

Jerry Garcia truth

I’ve kept this to myself for too long. I was part of the inner-circle of the Dead in the 80’s-90’s. Two band members, who will remain unnamed, poisoned Jerry while he was at the rehab clinic where he died.

He kept calling them from the clinic telling them how much trouble he was having with withdrawal. They secretly brought him something, telling him it was dope, that wouldn’t leave any traces and stopped his heart. He was dead a few hours later.

The guilty band members knew Jerry would never clean up so they wanted him to go out before he saturated the market with mediocre work, and they wanted to have control over all of the band’s intellectual property. They have no idea that I know about this.

Well Jon, I guess “they” will all know now. Pretty amazing that this news has not been made public before. Personally, I think you are deranged to believe that Jerry was murdered by other members of the Grateful Dead.

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